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Thursday, June 23, 2011

just few things!

** i wrote this entry in Feb this year but bcoz of some technical probs, it remains as a draft entry and today i feel like to post it so just read it ^^

The talkative me shows her side again today, thus I couldn’t stop talking (within myself actually) since this evening. I talk to myself about almost everything that came across my mind. 

Alhamdulillah mama is recovering from her newly-passed-operation. She has to follow a very strict diet; she cannot do any heavy works/house chores, the only thing that she can do is rest! The kind-hearted-doctor (I don’t have the chance to meet him! oh, please alin! no mengada-ngada ok?) has given her 1 moth MC and after 1 week, she already complained that she’s boring with this type of life…^^

Since our grand chef (mama) is sick, so I am the person-in-charge for cooking and house cleaning. Though I’m not really a good chef but after a week, I can proudly say that I’m not that bad in cooking, just need some practice and some confidence. At least the most famous food critic, my beloved abah, has approved my ‘kari’ and my ‘asam pedas’, ok? Plus, both of the food critic and the grand chef approved my simple ‘ikan haruan masak stim’ that I cook for her. Hehe, just wanna brag a little bit since I know that I’m not really good in cooking ‘lauk-pauk’ back then!

Since evening I’ve been reading and ‘godek-godek’ a lot of blogs. There were some that catch my attention and I’ll state 2 for you.

     1 .
Actually, I’ve been following this blog since December last year. I found this blog through an entry in, expressing condolence to the family of the owner of the blog. I would like to suggest to you, especially doctors-to-be, to read this life journal of Mas Afzal. You’ll find something good in return as well as increasing your knowledge in medical-related-field since he was a medical student. Please, read this touching blog and take whatever you think as precious lessons for you.

     2 . (I’ve forgotten the address and I’m too lazy to open the history file)
This 2nd blog is about a girl. An average-Asian-girl who is not a hot babe - I’m sorry for being rude but she’s really not physically an attractive woman (she admits it by herself) – with low self-esteem during school years. But now, she has a very handsome-caring-kind-hearted-and-romantic-American boyfriend! They have been in this long-distance-relationship for 8 years.

Put everything aside as I’m not in a position to agree with the ‘coupling culture’, but I wanted to stress on 1 thing here - there are always someone that can accept you the way you are, there are always somebody that can accept the good and bad sides of yours; no matter who you are, no matter how you look!

This makes me think of myself, suddenly. Sure, I’m not a hot and gorgeous woman but I could say that I’m very grateful to be like this, to be me myself. I believe that everybody has their own charms which only certain people would realize it. But, do I really have charm/s? Dunno, you answer me~

Thursday, June 9, 2011

meaningful song, perhaps!

Merenung saujana
Menyakitkan mata hati
Tusuk ke dalam jiwa sanubari
Kealpaan mereka kelekaan manusia
Sukar dibendung lagi

Duhai sahabat seperjuangan
Meskipun lemah menghitung mihnah
Biar dilukai nista pedih
Akan kau rentangi jalanan berduri
Dengan redha Ilahi

Genggam bara jihadmu
Biar syahdu munajatmu
Rebut kembali
Sinar yang hilang
Bangkit menuju kejayaan

Jangan biar dirimu terkulai
Jangan biarkan nafsu membelenggu
Jangan kau hancurkan masa depanmu
Kelak kan terbenam kegemilangan

Ayuh kita melangkah ke hadapan
Sisihkan mazmumah yang mengikatmu
Warnailah hidupmu dengan iman
Diiringi cahaya rahmat Tuhanmu
Merenung saujana
Mengharapkan sinar kan kembali
Kepada-Mu ya Allah
Kami pohonkan
Moga gemilang ummah ini

Ikhwanus Sufi (2007)
source here



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