My Greetings

lil thin'

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

21 tahun 1 hari


Sekian lama bicara tak terluah, baru sekarang ada sikit feel nak menulis. Maaf la kalau cara penulisan yg agak kelam kabut & berubah-ubah dari satu ayat ke satu ayat, ni sume bahana perasaan yg bercampur baur~
1.        1.   Terima kasih utk semua yg wish my birthday, terima kasih sebab ingat pada saya…even tak ramai mane pun, saya tetap hargai sume wishes yg diterima tak kesah la cepat ke lambat ke…saranghae~
2.     2.  Result pekse last semester yg unofficial dah kuar, my pointer turun dengan banyaknya, but at least much better than my early targeted pointer. Pointer turun pun memang atas salah sendiri, so redha jela, nak buat camne lagi kan? But the most important thing is, I didn’t fail any of my papers. Alhamdulillah! Ape pun, semester ni kena la hard working lebih sikit utk baiki pointer~
3.        3.    To angah, congrate for your result! Let’s try harder for this semester ok?
4.      4.   To both my little sisters whose going to face PMR & SPM this year, study elok2, molek2, sungguh2 & fighting! Do try real hard to achieve flying colours results!
5.      5.   To my beloved kocheng, mr. boboy…bile nak balik umah? Kalu kene culik, cube la cari jalan n peluang utk larikan diri…abah, mama, kakak, angah, hani, ina n mr. baby boy sangat2 rindu sama kamu! And for your info boboy, baby ade bawak balik adek baru, miss baby girl @ gegurl @ lolly yg sangat manje, cumil & kiut! Balik la ye? Nanti buleh jumpe adek baru!
6.     6.    Even though I don’t know each other n we never meet before, but I want to apologize to mr. 1st n mr. 2nd for turning both of you down…I’m not ready for such thing, or should I say I’m afraid to face this another new phase of life?
7.     7.   This year is my last year of SBE (school based experience)…and for this 3rd semester, insya-Allah, I’ll be going to Langkawi as planned since last year. I’m sorry for cannot making it to the East of Malaysia my friends...because my parents wanted me to do the last SBE during the 4th semester in my hometown :’(
8.     8.   To both beloved R. Khairunnisa Aqilah n Natasha Syakidah, study hard n be a good doctor-to-be…may Allah bless both of you n may this ukhwah last forever! Insya-Allah, my prayer will always be with you!
9.     9.   To the rest of Evokians, study hard n do please lead a blissful life! Though we didn’t really keep in touch, we are still friends! Once you are a friend of mine, forever you’ll be my friend, insya-Allah…
1      10.   To my elementary schoolmates, it’s nice to keep in touch back after 8 years…and I’m sorry because I didn’t remember much about all of you…
1         11.   To my dear ex-roomate, current roommate n the rest of ahlul bait of Raudhatul Ibtisam a.k.a PISMP 3.02, may our ukhwah last forever! May this 5 and ½ years will become the most precious moments for all of us!
12     12.   To all my teachers since my childhood up until now, I’m really thankful for every single thing that you have taught me…I am grateful for who I am now, may Allah bless you all!!!
13   13.  To those who had hurt my family so much before, please don’t do that anymore…every people have their own limit of patience…and we’re reaching that very limit, only a thin-sheet-of-paper-thick left…don’t all of you realize that when you’re facing any problems, you come to us innocently n asking for our help? Yet you treat us this bad? Yet you bad-mouth us? I really don’t understand, don’t you feel ashamed? Hmmm…
14  14.   I’ve discovered a new thing about me…I am cynophobia, to be exact, I am fear of dogs or rabies, huhu…I’m afraid to be near to any dogs especially the big ones as I think they’re going to bite me in an instant!
15     15.   Last but not least, I think now I should try to forget about ‘dia’…maybe this is the best time since I realize that life isn’t a fairytale which will always end with happy ending…maybe I was confused with my own feelings back then and maybe I put too much of high hopes because of your sweet little talk…and now I think, it is much better if we just stay as friend just like everybody else, isn’t it? I must give a try, though it’s a real hard for me to erase those memories, though everything in the surrounding reminds me of ‘dia’…I have to be as busy as I can to keep me away from remembering ‘dia’…you deserve a much better and suitable person as well as me deserving a much better and suitable person…and I’ll make sure that my love is pure only for Allah, Rasulullah SAW, my family, my halal-other-half, my friends and the Ummah only, insya-Allah! Please do pray for me!




lil bee~